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High quality video, wherever you need it

Video Walls, Projection Mapping, Digital Signage and Networked Video systems are at the core of most entertainment and hospitality venues these days. We provide an assortment of video display options, video distribution hardware, and video control solutions that are reliably built on enterprise grade managed network infrastructure.

Seamless routing of content ranging from standard DirecTv receiver signals to complex special event videos and DJ custom content.

“Best video control system I've ever used. We can preview all channels on our iPad controller and see what is currently showing on each screen. And we can request layout modifications directly from Hi Fi, we don't have to wait for a 3rd party programmer.”

Houston ClientGeneral Manager


We offer a variety of low-voltage systems that are complimentary to our overall managed network structure, including support of POS (point of sale) network setup, video surveillance systems, Private+Guest wifi/internet access, and cable management.

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